The Boundary is you is a book for individuals who want to feel alive and safe and free in their relationships.


When you make boundaries with the people in your life based on the love you have for yourself, the relationship becomes safe, peaceful and connected. 


Four main steps will give you that love that you deserve:

🤍Loving and accepting yourself 

🤍Autonomy over your own decisions 

🤍Negotiations for exactly what you need

🤍Direction in which you want your life to go.


The LAND method described in this book teaches you all four. When you know the LAND method, you know how magnetize your relationship and energize it.


This book contains the tried and proven formula for making boundaries and creating the relationships you want. Readers have completely changed the way they show up and thier marriages, parenting and friendship based on the powerful method in this book.


Do you want your relationships to feel safe, fun and free?


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Stop waiting for the relationship you want. You can create it, today.


As seen in the New York Times International Edition, USA Today, and featured on iHeartRadio, internationally acclaimed bestselling author Chany Rosengarten gives us the next Brené Brown-esque easy-to-read, self-help book, to give you boundaries in a fast and simple way.

“Chany shares her knowledge and wisdom with so much love and compassion.” Trany Freidman

The Boundary Is You will teach you how to create boundaries by becoming the boundary yourself. If you’ve tried making boundaries with others, you already know the process is painful, difficult, or impossible.

Making boundaries leaves you in the vulnerable position of either needing to fight hard for your rights to establish boundaries or be trampled. If the people you need to make boundaries with were the most accommodating people, chances are you wouldn’t need to make boundaries with them at all.

But there’s a better way.

If you are ready to establish boundaries, and you want to do it in an easy, pain-free way, this book is for you.

If you are ready for relationships that respect and support you, this book will be your guide.

You’ll learn how to understand the power you have in every relationship.

You’ll discover how to love and accept yourself even if you’re not perfect or have made mistakes.

You will take back your authority to make important choices in your life.

You will gain a clear method for getting your needs met.

You’ll have direction in your life, knowing what you want and getting it.

Chany Rosengarten, a mother of four children, doesn’t have the time or energy to waste on fixing people by making their boundaries for them. Chany experienced the pain of being in boundary-less relationships, which was decidedly unpleasant. She wanted a way to create boundaries that worked for everyone, and has since researched, applied, and taught this method to hundreds of women.

If you are ready to make boundaries as immovable as a mountain, and as clearly demarked as the land is to the sea, this book is your way forward.