The Book that will energize your relationships. 

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Do you hate yourself?

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Hate may be a very strong word, especially for a person like you

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But also, your insides gnaw with self doubt.

 Your relationships are lackluster, often painful.

You smile and say "yes" when what you really mean is, "no!"

You don't like yourself

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About This Book

The Boundary Is You


will give you

  • a proven method to love yourself more

  • the authority to make good choices in your life, no matter who is making your life difficult

  • the best strategy to ask for your needs, and get them

  • a clear path toward joy and your unique mission

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  • Boundaries is saying YES to yourself.

  • Boundaries is valuing YOU

  • Boundaries is loving with a full HEART

  • Boundaries is stopping to be afraid of them

  • Boundaries is trusting YOURSELF

  • Boundaries is making room for you to be happy

  • Boundaries is connecting from joy

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Chany G. Rosengarten is a wife, mother of four young children, #1 Amazon bestselling author and powerful motivational speaker. She teaches empowerment, self care and boundaries in business, love, and relationships, and her online courses have changed the trajectory of many lives.

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