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Bracha Goetz is the Harvard-educated author of 38 books that help children's souls shine and Searching for God in the Garbage, a candid memoir for adults about overcoming food addictions joyfully. You can find all of her books here:

 Raizy is a writer, photographer, food stylist, recipe developer, and these are just a few of the honed skills in her repertoire, skills she brings to the table to make businesses shine. She is a creative entrepreneur who has attracted the attention of some of the business world’s greatest minds. You can find her recipes and inspiration at

From Brooklyn to Israel to Mexico City to San Diego and now Miami, Mrs Yaffa Palti has been actively involved in community affairs, teaching, lecturing, and has led challah bakes and self development retreats for thousands of women across the US and around the world, for many years. 

As a speaker, Yaffa lectures on many diverse topics, each one inspirational, motivational and transformational; all profound, enlightening and unique, and filled with joy and humor. 

Yaffa comes from a Torah observant background, and was raised in a home infused with chessed and unconditional acceptance. She is a singer/songwriter and often blends together her lectures and melodies. She is a trained educator, life and relationships coach, as well as a certified addictions and substance abuse professional. She can be reached at

Chany Rosengarten is a Chassidic wife, mother of four young children, #1 Amazon bestselling author and powerful motivational speaker. She teaches empowerment, self care and boundaries in business, love, and relationships, and her online courses have changed the trajectory of many lives. To buy her book or sign up to her courses, schedule a call at 

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Yocheved Rottenberg, Certified Journal Facilitator, runs international therapeutic writing workshops and has recently published Write Your Way Home, a Torah Guide to Therapeutic Writing, through Menuchah Publishers: Write Your Way Home has over 350 writing exercises leading you to discover your way to yourself, your soul, and your Creator. She can be reached at or

Chana Deutsch is an international relationship coach and educator who specializes in helping women create connection and happiness in their lives and homes.  By shifting the focus from shame to dignity, from control to intimacy, from feminism to femininity, Chana has become a beacon of light for women around the world who want to transform their relationships from a state of disconnect, struggle and lack of understanding to one of mutual respect, communication and intimate connection. 

To connect with Chana and access your free gift, click here (with a hyperlink to  )


Fally Klein is a Hypnotherapist and Intimacy Counselor in Brooklyn NY. She also specializes in and is passionate about Breathwork- a transcendent trauma release experience. 


The author of two novels and a memoir about her journey with cancer as a teenager, Fally has spoken to audiences worldwide on a variety of topics, under both her real name, and her pseudonym, Tzipi Caton. 


To find out more about Vessel of Truth or attending a Journey to Home weekend, reach out to

Rebbitzen Tamar Taback is committed to the growth and development of the Jewish woman through classical and mystical Torah sources.  She combines her background in music, psychology, coaching and facilitation into a deep & transformative journey to which she invites women to discover their beauty and power.  She is the founder of The Nexus School of Transformational Torah for women.

The Rise! into your Highest Feminine self-coaching Torah series is on special until Yom Kippur, first class free.  Get $50 off when you register this week only when you use coupon code "rise".

Claim your free gift - 11 steps to Teshuva through love pdf, HERE:

Contact for private coaching inquiries.

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